Nomadic living has exposed us to a myriad of handcrafts, ancient traditions and techniques from around the world. We take immense pride in the individuality of each piece we create or curate.


Our Silver and brass Collection is designed and curated by Rodrigo Salazar Castro, an extraordinary artisan from Mexico. Rodrigo apprenticed under the renowned and respected silversmith Poncho Gonzales.

Under the tutelage of this master artisan Rodrigo studied the ancient techniques of jewelry making in the small Mexican village of Xilitla. Using his finely honed skills and his passion for the craft, Rodrigo painstakingly creates each unique piece in these ancient traditions.

Each piece carefully crafted with precision and passion in our home in Cape Town, South Africa.


Jodi Jade grew up in South Africa. Having completed her diploma in Art direction, she sold all of her belongings and began to travel the world.

Her travels wove together time, culture, story and tradition & her artworks became a labor of love for her passion of travel, and her love of the handmade. A passion for nomadic craftsmanship and designing was born.

Macrame is a means to a type of freedom, the freedom to travel, to make art, to live by the strength and valor of one’s own mind and hands.


Each year we travel to South East Asia to complete our jewelry production. Here we work with two local families who have been crafting jewelry in the same time honoured traditions and methods for generations.

Together we create new designs and support their production, and in exchange they teach us their methods and skills. This journey has become an annual pilgrimage for us and represents part of our commitment to help preserve the ancient art of traditional hand-carving and jewelry-making.


Each leather creation has been designed by us and made by a local Artisan from Zimbabwe. We work with the artisans at a small workshop in Cape Town to conceptualize, design and create these unique products. Our hope is to continue creating small jobs, empowering and supporting small scale artisans in Africa, encouraging their creativity and supporting their small businesses. We place a lot of value in things being unique or one of a kind so we are always looking out for custom orders. If you have a product idea or vision contact us and we can help you bring it to life.


Our clothing range preserves the art of traditional tailors, craftsmanship and textiles while supporting local small scale artisans in India. Our production consists of 8 local artisans. Together we design and create items made from the fabric we source at a local textile market in India. Tradesmen from Mali supply us with the mudcloth featured in our clothing range, sourced in west Africa. Our designs pay homage to traditional textiles. 

Made with natural fibres of hand loomed cottons, pieces featuring handmade mudcloth details and hand block prints. Catering to the appreciator of slow fashion, and lovers of tribal art.


Masiphumelele an informal settlement in Cape town is home to over 20,000 people. We have taken two local residents as apprentices, by passing on our jewelry making skills and creating small jobs, we hope to empower and support small scale artisans in Africa, encouraging their creativity and supporting their small businesses.

Masiphumelele is an IsiXhosa word that translates to "Let us succeed", we hope that we can somehow contribute to this motto.